Add-on Parental Control

Dion Sune Jensen

Active member
I've been looking for this type of functionality for a xenforo gaming site I'm helping out, so I thought that I should post the idea here and see what it would cost to get it made.

  • New account page "Parental Control"
    • Ability to link other forum accounts to this parental control account, those accounts would then have to confirm it via email, to make sure it's not abused. All accounts linked to the parental account will be covered by the parental controls
    • If age is required for forum accounts, allow the ability to limit the age range of users that can make private conversations with the linked accounts (mainly to allow parents to prevent older people privately chatting with young kids)
    • The ability to prevent the linked accounts from seeing and accessing certain pages, forums & categories (of course only of those that the parent account has access to, should not be able to see or handle anything that is unavailable to the parent account)
    • Able to set time ranges (controlable per day, so some days can be completely blocked but others not) where certain activities are only available during that range (based on user timezone of course, to avoid confusion)
      • timerange for when the linked accounts can access the forum as a whole
      • ability to set certain forums/pages/categories and their timeranges, where those areas then only is available during that time
      • a timerange for "gaming". This is meant for those who run gaming servers that have the ability to hook into mysql databases and then read this information, so that the gameservers can prevent connections from the linked account IPs (or however the gameserver manages it) outside of the time range, so this should just be saved to the database for easy access by outside server scripts (so for security reasons, probably keep it as separate as possible)
    • The Parental Control section should require the user to set up a separate password for it and a separate "forgot password" email for this, this is so that the parent account can become one of the linked accounts, where only the parent can access the parental control on said account.
    • Ability to set the amount of censored word count (the amount a linked account has used a censored word) before the account gets suspended for X amount of hours (the amount should also be definable)
    • Ability to prevent linked accounts from purchasing upgrades (a simple checkbox for this would be enough)
    • Ability to control what information is shown on the profiles of linked accounts, overriding whatever each of those accounts have set
    • Ability to prevent changing of avatar for linked accounts
    • Ability to prevent using signatures for linked accounts
    • Ability to prevent using custom profile fields for linked accounts
    • There should be a "master switch" at the very bottom to disable (or enable) parental control, doing so will require both the account password (twice) and the parental password (twice), if this is the first time it is activated, this is when they are asked to set a password as well as a parental email.
I would be very happy if I could get some prices as well as an estimated time of completion, this is something I need very much, and since I'm not the only one who needs this, I am confident that the cost can be covered if it's reasonable.