Parent/Child & Color Palette

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Hi. I am going to take over a friend's site and he hasn't made any appearance changes. His style is just "Default".

I added a style by making a Child from the Parent default. I made the Child the forum default. I want to make some color changes, so I've been playing with the color palette.

But when I make changes to the Child, it doesn't show up on the site. But if I make changes to the Parent, the site shows the new color palette (and the new colors are now inherited by the Child).

I thought the point of the Child was to make changes there so that any changes wouldn't be lost if the Parent is updated. Why aren't my color palette changes being shown when I make them to the Child?



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Once the current owner has transferred the license to you, you will be able to post in the customer forums for support.

The current owner just needs to submit a ticket requesting a transfer.
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