[PAID] XenForo Coder Required


I am looking for an experienced XenForo coder who can do the following:-
  • Allow every single post to have its own page
I migrated my forum from bbPress which gave each post/reply its own page. XenForo doesn't appear to have this feature, however, there is a similar URL structure but it redirects to the topic. Looking at the code I can find the function which makes this happen but I have no experience in being able to insert a template and load the single post data instead. The links to these pages should be the date part, with the post order number on the right remaining as #post-1234.


So the URL is this .../community/posts/4397/ which redirects to .../community/threads/the-thread-title.159/#post-4397
I want the 4397 post to remain on that page with a link to the parent thread and reply page. The page should continue to have the feature expected within a thread page such as the avatar, username (with link to profile) and rating features.
If you know how to do this (or have an addon which does this - I couldn't find one - I will be happy to tip for info) and are interested in coding this for me please reply with your price (alternatively send me a PM). An addon would be ideal but code modification is fine. Thank you.