Add-on [Paid] Words/Links replacement or Convert simple VB plugin to XF

I am looking for a XF equivalent of this simple Vbulletin addon:

The purpose of the addon is that will preserve the original content in the database(so could change it in the future), but will display the replacement when rendering the posts(automatically turn keywords, phrases or links you specify into another keywords,phrases or links. You set a list of words and a list of URLs to link them to, and the addon does the rest.

For XenForo, I have founded two options

Keyword Management (Keyword Replace), I try demo and this don't work for me.

[TH] Keyword Replace is unable to handle a large amount of key words and look pretty similar to Keyword Management

Per example:

word: replace:

a post with this hyperlink in

should show this new hyperlink

I will provide more details as necessary.
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Can you provide more details as on the link you provided doesn't show much. This would replace keywords within post sorta like the add-ons you mentioned above. What else are you looking for on the add-on?

I currently have a developer working on something alike.