[PAID] vBulletin to XenForo + WordPress import

I have a VBulletin 4 site with articles, user blogs, forum posts and mods that I would like to export over to the latest XenForo software. Task list below. I would be interested in project cost quotes and timeframes it may take to complete the project. I am happy to pay for any extra mods/addons that would make this job easier if you let me know beforehand what the mod is and how much it costs.

Essentially the tasks would involve:
1. Import vBulletin 4 forum topics/posts to XenForo
2. Import vBulletin 4 user blogs to XenForo (and maintain authors)
3. Import vBulletin 4 articles (currently on vbCMS) to WordPress (and maintain authors)
4. Import mods/addons (main one being a chat box, but also a few others) to Xenforo - assuming the relevant mods/addons exist for Xenforo (i.e don't have to create them from scratch)
5. Develop a navigation system integrating Xenforo and Wordpress sites
6. Develop a mobile-friend version of the site