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Hello, I recently purchased VaultWiki and am still in the process of configuring the tool. I would like to expand this functionality for ease of use as I am really using it as more of a database, PM me if you are interested in building this out:
  1. PREFERRED OPTION: Implement a form for creating a new wiki page which would:
    1. Display the standard fields (Background, year created, etc. - these would be provided ~10 fields)
    2. On submit, it would format the fields into the appropriate wiki format (would need to be created as part of this add-on), and submit. Thus creating a new wiki page. This would avoid users needing to know how to use wiki tags/text and formatting.
OR (if the above is not possible)
  1. Need a standard wiki template (ideally looking similar to wikipedia) created to be used as the basis for all pages (including: Headers, InfoBox, and a table) using parameters - Would like to make this as easy for members to create new standard pages
  2. Need the standard template (and any parameters) created in #1 to be included when a user "Creates a new Page" - I.e It will reference the template, show the parameters and all they have to do is populate the parameters to create a standardized page.
Obviously experience with VaultWiki/Wiki Software is a plus here, but overall this should not be too difficult. Send me a message with your quote.
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