XF 1.4 Paid subscription - empty user list

Hello, I've recently opened my forum using XF 1.4.4.
I've added the option to upgrade users via paid subscription but I've some problems...
Users can see all upgrade options, can pay through paypal, and the payment goes well.
  • Users are not automatically upgraded
  • They don't appear under the "transactions log" or "active subscriptions" lists both. I should add them manually.
These are the settings for the subscription I created:

Thanks in advance for any reply.


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Have you ensured the following is set up, as per the help manual entry?
In order to receive payments for User Upgrades, you must have a Premier or Business PayPal account. You must enable Instant Payment Notifications (IPNs) in PayPal under your Selling Preferences. You should enter a notification URL of [your Board URL]/payment_callback.php.
No, I hadn't set the IPN system.
Now I did, and paypal gives to me an interface to re-send IPN. I tried, but i receive a "not reached" error.

The URL of the payment_callback.php is correct, becouse if i visit it I receive a blank page with only the "Request not validated" error.


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The URL isn't actually important as XF passes the correct URL through.
You just need to tell PayPal to enable it and enter a placeholder URL.

If the "not reached" error is from PP then that sounds like PP is unable to connect with your site.