Add-on [Paid] Subaccounts


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Hello! So, I’m coming here to ask if anyone was interested in developing an add-on that I would find incredibly helpful to my community. It’s something that’s of great interest to many roleplay forums. I am completely willing to pay for the development of this add-on and would love for it to be shared with others.

I’m looking for a subaccounts add-on. Now, I know there’s an Account Switcher add-on and I do have it installed at the moment. However, I’m looking for something a bit more robust to replace it with. Especially since my members can have as many as 11 accounts, and juggling all the different emails for those (especially for those who like to get email notifications) isn’t very user-friendly to my average member. It’s a rolelaying community, and we have separate accounts for every character a player writes.

Essentially, I’m looking for an add-on that will allow a user to create child accounts to their primary account. All of their child accounts would be associated with that parent account, and use that parent account’s email. However, members can only log in using their parent account. They can never log into the forum using a child account.

I’ve used a similar mod extensively on SMF and it is also available on jcink. I would love to see something similar developed for Xenforo.

Basic Features
These are the basic features I’m looking for:
  • A subaccounts manager in the account profile
  • The ability to add/link a new subaccount to a parent account
    • By entering the username and password of the existing account you want to link OR
    • by creating a brand new subaccount from nothing, thus bypassing the requirement to create a new regular account first that would require a unique email address
  • The ability to unlink a subaccount and turn it back into a normal/parent account (this would require the member to give that account a unique email address again)
  • The ability to delete a subaccount
  • A dropdown that lets someone switch between their parent and subaccounts.
  • List of an account’s subaccounts located on their profile or on the member list.
  • Permissions to control which usergroups are allowed to add/link/delete subaccounts
Bonus Features
These are things I’d like to have, but can live without. Or wait for an update. :)
  • The ability to choose which account a post is authored by when editing or adding a new post. This could be a dropdown menu on the post editor page.
  • The ability to edit any post that is made by one of your linked accounts. For example, if you make a post with subaccount A, you can go back and edit that post with subaccount B or the parent account.
So, if you think you can help, please send me a PM! Or let me know if you have any questions or need clarification on anything! And remember, I’m willing to pay to have this mod created. :)


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Just adding as another XenForo user who uses one of their licenses for a roleplaying community, that I support this mod's wants and would love to see it developed!


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Oh right, and just a quick note. If anyone thinks they can pick up this project, please PM me with a quote and we can further discuss it.
I was going to come in and request a subaccount add-on to be made but it seems someone has beat me to it ^^ I am also interested in this add-on and would be willing to pay.