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Need an add-on developed that would allow the distribution of single use coupons from a database. These coupons are not related to the XF upgrade functionality. Just coupon codes.

High Level Functionality:
  • Ability to import csv/listing of unique coupon codes (no limit on amount)
  • Ability to display unique coupon code embedded on XF/HTML node page (essentially within a page show 1 unused coupon at a time, and cycle through codes)
  • Add-on should track which users received which coupon codes in AdminCP
  • Codes can not be used for more than one member
  • Ability to set max number of coupons per user (e.g AdminCP setting that says max coupons per user)
  • Ability to set duration of time (in days) between new code refresh for each member (e.g 1 code shown at a time, then after 5 days it shows a new code from the list)

Send me a PM to discuss further.
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