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[PAID] Shoutcast / SAM Broadcaster.

Discussion in 'Resource Requests [Archive]' started by Lqd, Jul 30, 2011.

  1. Lqd

    Lqd Member

    Dear programmers,

    I am in need of someone who understands Shoutcast scripts or SAMBroadcaster the web part of it and XENForo. If you do not have this knowledge please do not react until you do!

    I have HARD.fm a radio station, and I want to migrate everything to XenForo.

    To do so I want:

    • Dropdown menu; the same as the login menu in any Xenforo
    • This needs to be visible only to registered users
    • It needs to display: Current Song playing. Upcoming song. Last song played.
    • 4 images of 25x25px.

    I require this template edit to:
    • read shoutcast song information from a text file generated by a CRON job to avoid for each load the delay if a call is made to the shout-cast server.
    • Be inserted in existing templates with 1 variable.
    • amount of added templates I don't care.
    • be published in the free addon section of this website. (pre-programmed to hard.fm of course ;))

    I do not want promises I want action. Show me what you got, don't tell me what you can do. I will not pay upfront. I will pay once everything is done, this is non negotiable; I am done financing people who stop working after paying them. (the opposite of what I tried to achieve; I know you are not like that, no-one is, but somehow I met at least 4 already. :( )

    I you deliver I will most certainly will require your services again, as my fantasy is a lot bigger then my coding skill. (current site dev.hard.fm)

    Let me know your price and timeframe. I can pay by paypal of banktransfer or cash if you want to come and get it in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
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  2. Lqd

    Lqd Member

    Perhaps we can stimulate even more by adding $'s. So we can get a nice mod, perhaps even with the notification system coming up.

    I'll open it up with $75. anyone joining?

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