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[Paid Request] RU culture-themed style for our Xenforo installation


Hello Everyone,

We have a pretty popular Russian Culture-themed forum, and we are migrating to Xenforo from another forum software (that has been swallowed by a giant, after we began using the software :) ).

We have a very knowledgeable Web Programmer (who is also a member of the forum, and is donating his time) who is doing the import, adding and modifying some of the add-ons, and installing the new software.

We want to customize our new XF installation, and have hired a top graphic artist and designer, who used to work for Disney (he is also a good friend of mine, and is offering me a "friend price" on the graphic arts work. He will design a new forum/home page logo, default RU-themed avatars for a man and woman, mobile logo, as well as custom RU-themed forum icons.

We are also planning on using a portal (probable XF Portal), for the home page.

So, we are looking for someone to design a custom template or style around the custom logo and graphics that our graphic designer is creating for us.

I am looking for someone who has a real artistic sense, and could create a template/style (both for XF Portal, Forum and Mobile) that incorporates the custom graphics, but that also is more than just choosing colors from the default layout.

This XF style designer will collaborate with our web programmer, graphic artist, and me.

This RU Culture forum is nonprofit, and a labor of love for all of our members, so we want the new forum look to look very nice and modern, and reflect our forum community's appreciation of the forum.

Actually, members of my forum gave donations to purchase the XF software, as well as to pay for the new graphics and style.

If you are interested and feel this suits you, then please send me a message, including how much you would charge.

Thank you.


Hi Everyone,

Is there a more appropriate forum section to post this request?

Since the logos and graphics will be completed by a graphic artist, is there a lot for a Xenforo style designer to do?

What kind of style customizations are possible (in addition to the graphics and logos)?

Thanks for your thoughts and feedback.


Thank you, Brogan.

Aside from different color schemes and custom logos/graphics, are there other easy ways to customize the look of the forum (customize tables, etc)?

We are also customizing things like the postbit, trophy system, etc...

But I am looking for someone who can suggest changes to the structural look and color scheme of the forum.

Yes, I can look through the style section, look through styles, and contact style designers.

Although, I would rather work with someone who shows interest by reading this thread and contacting me.

Thanks, Brogan.


Hi Everyone,

I guess this is not the best place to ask for a template/style designer.

Should I advertise on elance, or some other site?

Quick frankly, I am surprised that no one in this forum section is interested in making a bit of money in helping us with our template and style design, which will mainly involve changing the CSS.