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Style (Paid request) Public Release Style (phpBB to XenForo)

Adam Howard

Well-known member
Must be willing to accept payment outside of PayPal. I can not use PayPal. PayPal is illegal here. It's not an option, sorry.​
  • AlertPay.com
  • 2Checkout.com
  • Google Checkout / Google Wallet (checkout.google.com)
  • Amazon.com
All are perfect accepted alternatives. Thank you :)

  • You will retain rights to this skin for re-sale. I'm not looking for an exclusive skin.
  • Copyright referral link in footer is acceptable.
  • You will also be awarded free endorsement and advertisement on my site, Google+, Facebook, and Twitter for 1 month (as an extra thank you for completing this project)

Adam Howard

Well-known member
Question: Did anyone take on that job?

Answer: No, so I've actually started the work myself. As such ALL my other modifications are now on hold until I learn how to properly style XenForo and complete this one.