Add-on Paid Request: Extra Privacy Option for XI Blogs


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I need an extra privacy option to show only to selected users in XI Blogs. This would be in the list of selectable blog privacy options. It will let me add the username or usernames of who I want to be able to see my blog. I made a request on their site and asked in the XI Blogs discussion thread on this site but have gotten no answer and if it is added it will most likely be months or years from now. Inspired by the privacy options of XenGallery by @sonnb this will allow me to create personal blog entries and even let me create a Project Tools type blog entry.

I have asked a coder to do it and he might do it but I am creating this thread because if any of you already have this as a working customization on your site, I'd paypal you for it instead.


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A coder has offered to help add "only people you select" custom permission.

I have also asked him to fix the "People You Follow Can View Only" feature in XI Blogs for $25 extra.

If he is unable to add these features I will offer $50 for both extra permissions.

So just waiting on his answer for now.


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The original coder I contacted this said it's too hard for him.

Gonna raise the price cause I need this real bad.

$75 for Extra Privacy Option in XI Blogs.

It must do the following:

1. Fix the "People You Follow" only can view permission. View XI Bug Here

2. Add "Show Only To Selected Users" Permission. View XI Suggestion Here.

3. Allow us to change blog and entry permissions after it's already been created. View Issue Here.

I am still getting a new blog addon made eventually, but due to both LN Blogs, XI Blogs, Better Blogs and even Wordpress Integration having a crappy permission system, I will settle with customizing XI Blogs for now.