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Hello there!

I'm just about to move my SMF website to Xenforo. The only thing that I really miss is a proper Event Manager.

Let me explain what I need.

I need an Event Manager that is a calendar system with the power to create events that you can sign on.
  • Admin group that can create, remove and control events
  • Event Manager group that can only create and edit (their own events) events.
  • Different kind of Tags in the events. This is mainly because we have different games etc. Best would be if Admin would be the only one able to create tags
  • Reoccurring events
  • Widget or similar to either Xenporta or CTA portal
The creating of an event should have:
Start date and start time
End date and end time
Signup deadline (also be able to skip this option)
Automatic adding (groups)
Optional: Event for certain groups

When signing up for an event you should have:
Character (with a dropdown menu that gives you previous characters you made + "Create new character")
Character Name
Class - This should be connected to the type of tag it is. So for example if I as Admin create and tag I need to fill out the Classes for that tag.
Role - Same as above

When the event is created you should be able to:
Invite people with PM - Invite based on groups
Change settings of the event
Accept, reserve and remove members from the signup list
Send PM to everyone who has signed up

There should be three kind of signups:
Enrolled (Blue)
Reserve (Yellow)
Accepted (Green)

If any one else reads this and find this interesting please contact me.
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Same here!!! DITTO!!!

Amazing noone has managed to create this.

ShivTR and Enjin event managers are great models to follow -- but there is no reason Xenforo can't do it better.

And there is no excuse why Xenforo doesn't do it at all.

Whoever takes the time to do it will open xenforo up for tens of thousands of guild leaders across hundreds of games. That's a LOT of potential income for a savvy Xenforo addon designer/publisher.


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I may be interested in taking this up but it will require some funding up front at least if you want it to be made exclusively for a group or publicly, some level of sponsored development.

This would be quite big and expensive to code (in terms of time). Without any promise of funding it's going to be rarer a developer takes this up.


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I don't publish my community. It's a multigaming community of all types of pc games.