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I have a very old (started in 2001) vB 3.8.7 site which is very highly modified. I am at a crossroad of whether to shutter the site at the end of the year and drop this as my "hobby", or to switch software. In part the problem is I'm in my mid-60's now and I would have to hire an expert who has done installs and imports (I'm just too "out of date" to do all the stuff I used to do myself) to do the import (and yes, I know - $$$ for a professional).

Is there a list of such professionals here who do imports of highly modified forums? NOTE: I would need someone I could *talk to on the phone* (I'm in the US) to discuss prior to import, and as needed afterword. Email and IM is nice, but many times it takes MUCH more time to communicate.


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What kind of modifications do you have? There may be equivalents for Xenforo. Do you want/need to replicate all the modifications on Xenforo?

I just converted a modified VB 3.8 site into Xenforo with no issues. Some of the addons/modications I used in VB were left behind and others had Xenforo equivalents with importers. I also wrote a converter for some of my unique features of my site.

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The forum is too highly modified to be able to import "everything", so my expectations are relatively low. in fact, part of my expectation is some serious simplification. That said, part of what I will need would be advice on what "equivalent" mods are available. I'll do some research over the next couple of days for existing mods here, too. I have thought about this for a while and I honestly have to say I have been very back and forth on whether to carry on or not. My expectation is to come up with a relatively basic forum as opposed to the very cluttered forum that I have now. This would be part of a total site renovation which is why I am "on the fence" about whether to carry on or not. I have just started a discussion with my forum moderators and members about this. If I do go through with it, it will be a significant effort over all. Other than the forum its self, I can handle the other stuff, but it's sort of an all or nothing thing. The whole site is very outdated.

That said, one "mod" which I have is the old "Blog" thing vB add-on. A few people did some excellent blogs which I would hate to lose such as the one highlighted on the forum home page (Miner's Blog). The attachments are the other "biggie". I haven't looked at the add-ons here yet but I even had a special file written which allows users to search file attachments. That was one thing the old vB lacked which I still think is a serious deficiency.

The price issue isn't a significant issue. The issue is someone who *really* knows vB 3.8.7 and XF. There are so many template edits and such that the person *really* has to know the old vB and XF. At one time I kept a list of changes but after over 13 years, somewhere along the way, I lost it other than one which has a few php file changes I made for reasons I can't remember - Probably a long ago installed mod. I do remember they were just adding a couple "includes" in the php files. I think they were for the sidebar I currently have.

Technically it's probably something I could do myself, but I am so far behind on things, and as I said I'm getting older and just don't want to deal with the learning curve and the nuances (BBCode stuff and all that, for example). I say this because since I imported my old forum from UltimateBB in 2001 I have done all mods and such myself. I'm definitely not an expert and this all started out as a hobby, so I'm not ignorant either. That said I think it would overwhelm me to try this on my own. My field of expertise is business standards - Not IT. I know just enough to be dangerous...

I didn't put in a URL as I don't know the protocol here for putting in URLs and didn't want to break any rules here. It is the forum. I do expect some to cringe a bit if you look at it, as it definitely isn't what I think many people would recommend. It's something that evolved over the years, a lot of it in response to user requests many of which I did which I shouldn't have. But - That's another story.

I have a dedicated box with what is now IBM in Data Center 5 in Dallas. I went from the old Verio years ago to "The Planet" to Softlayer and now IBM. I run 3 domains on the box, only 1 of which is actually "in use". It is a simple box - No control panel - and I have managed the server myself other than a few migrations from older servers over the years. Actually I did migrations myself but around 2007 I started having professionals do them. It was last migrated to the current box in early 2012, if I remember correctly. There are no other users on the box.

The key here is I am considering the aspect of the different domain and keep the old forum open (Read Only) for a year or so.


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@SchmitzIT could handle pretty much anything.

@Jake Bunce - might be the best for a really complicated migration.

Many others could do it and cheaper prices if you list more of your perceived barriers.

Start with @Optima. He could probably do it easy.

@ElsmarMarc - posting your URL would clear up alot. The migration might be easier than you think.
We are able to do it as well.
We have 2 main threads here in XenForo community where you can check our thread and customer testimonials here:

I'm not sure why a moderator deleted my post here, you asked for somebody to import your forum and I can't understand why they have deleted my post. If I broke a rule, why I haven't received a warning or an explanation?


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I took a look at your site and all your users, posts, threads and attachments should be importable into Xenforo. The attachment browser would require custom development.

If your albums are the VB3 albums, they can be imported into Xen Media Gallery

For groups you can use this addon

Blogs can be imported into this addon

Depending on your BB code, some of it could be cleaned up with this addon

Since you have a lot of resources on your site, the official Xenforo Resource Manager addon may be a good fit for your site. I use it for articles and links.

Converting a heavily modified site is never easy and I spent months preparing for my VB -> XF conversion. I converted most of it and left some seldom used features behind.
I appreciate the replies. I'll need a day or two to go over the options mentioned as well as to gather feedback from my forum members. Thank you to each of you who replied. It does give me some assurance that it would not be a total nightmare.