Other [paid] port existing code to Xenforo

Hello friends,

I am looking to port PHP code from existing website to a Xenforo forum; not sure if this is done as add-ons or custom coding, whichever way is neatest.

The website is u1stgames.com

That website works as intended currently, but we are looking to switch to Xenforo as our forum, and then have our current pages ported across as add-ons, I believe. So, we are looking to migrate our code into Xenforo in a way so that the code integrates well with the Xenforo forum.

The pages are:
As I say, we have those pages in existence on our site already, and we're looking for somebody to port it to Xenforo. For example, we have a database of Facebook games, and we would like to create and assign a forum to each one, with the ability to create more forums as new games are added to the database (we already have scripts to add new games to DB). Also, we would like to integrate with our features of Xenforo, for example the addition of new tabs for the Facebook game directory, and to be able to override how the breadcrumb links are displayed: for example, where a Xenforo site may have "Home > Forums > Test forum" we would like something like (on the FarmVille 2 link exchange page) "Home > FarmVille 2 > Link exchange" where clicking on "FarmVille 2" would link to the FarmVille 2 profile page.

Sorry for the confusing specification; I have only just begun exploring Xenforo and so am not fully sure of the integration points for "add ons". Please message me back if you would like to talk further.

Kind regards,
Oliver Staunton