Other need someone to port some code


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Our Xenforo site is at https://u1stgames.com/

We've done some customisation on it, but we would like to have the changes we have made converted into add-ons, so that the core Xenforo code is untouched and we are okay to apply updates and such in future.

If anyone has experience of making Xenforo add-ons, please get in touch. The code for the functionality has already been done, we would just like somebody to tidy it up and compartmentalise it properly as add-ons.

So in total there are two aspects that need porting across:
  • our voting functionality, which allows a user to submit a vote for a (node) as part of our (node) of the week competition
  • custom forum profile page; so the standard forum looks like this, but you can see that here we have some custom layout with extra information drawn from the database. so, the forum profile page will display differently depending on whether a certain database value is set for that particular forum/node.
If you are interested, please reply back with your availability, and if possible, examples of add-ons that you have produced before. It would also be helpful if you could indicate a rate and timescale for the work, so that I can authorise with my colleagues.