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[Paid] Need an add-on rewrite from XF to XF


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Well I had got an add-on done from outside for xenforo. The add-on is alright for what it does but there are some glaring deficiencies which I need corrected.

The add-on needs the following correction
  1. Relook (rewrite wherever needed) to ensure everything is as per the xenforo standards
  2. Include pagination to most parts of the add-on. It is missing everywhere currently.
  3. The attachment handling needs to be looked at. Currently it is completely messed up. If I upload a new image the previous images disappear.
  4. The image re-size feature is not there currently but I can manage fine without it by reformatting the size prior to uploading.
  5. The editor is not true WYSIWYG. The editor shows up fine but the formatting does reflect on the result page.
The part in bold is very critical to me. Please PM me with your credentials if you are interested.