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After thinking about forums vs FB I think one of the biggest problems is how easy interesting content is displayed. Especially for new visitors. My solution, a new navbar tab with most popular threads (which is most viewed threads in a programmers eyes) and most liked content.

Most liked posts
– This one is easy. Most liked content the last 7 or 30 days. In xf_liked_content is all data needed.

Most popular threads (based on views) – Most popular threads based on views the last 7 or 30 days, regardless off how old the thread is. The last part is the tricky one, there is no data available for that per default in XF. So it has to be stored in a new (efficient) manner. Right now we have 4500 threads, but the plugin should work for at least 15 000 threads.

Presentation, something like this. See my excellent Paint mock-up too :)

I have a designer in-house, so a good UI should not be a problem. Do the corework and we can fix the small things.


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