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One of the things I wish XenForo included out of the box, is a way for users to register or sign-up as a paid member. With the way the XenForo "User Upgrade" system is setup, it only allows someone to upgrade their account after registration.

I believe that not allowing them to register as a paid member upon initial sign-up could mean a potential sales loss. I say that because a lot of my users have no idea where the "Account Upgrade" link is located, and a lot of them might just feel more of an impulse to do it, had it been an option when they originally signed-up.

Anyways, the closest solution I've found to remedy this in terms of a third party add-on is PemBer. The problem with PemBer however is that it doesn't make it's paid membership option a part of the default XenForo sign-up / registration process, therefore (in my opinion) it's confusing to a lot of members that there's a normal sign-up option, and then a separate link for a paid sign-up option.

What I envision is when someone registers to become a member, they could have as many options as the admin wants.

So for instance, I go to sign-up for a XenForo forum and it presents me with 3 options:

Basic Membership (FREE)
Supporting Member ($10)
Lifetime Supporting Member ($25)

Each membership level might have a bullet list under it of all it's different benefits, etc.

They choose the one they want and it guides them through the sign-up / registration process.

The key here is that this is all part of the default XenForo sign-up process, not another page or link that is separate from it (like PemBer).