Paid membership registration


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One of my frustrations with the built in "User Upgrade" system in XenForo is that you can only upgrade your membership after you register. I would prefer to have a solution where the user can register as either a free standard user, or register as a paid member, without having to register, then upgrade their account.

Basically when someone goes to my forum (, I want them to click the 'Login or Sign-Up' button and be taken straight to a page which shows them the different levels of membership (i.e. Free Member, Monthly Member or Lifetime Member).

I know that this function isn't built into XenForo by default, but I am wondering if any of you guys out there who run your own forum are using a third party add-on that accomplishes this.

If so, I'd love to know which add-on you're using, how you like it, and if you could provide a link to your forum so I could check it out in action.

Thanks in advance!

P.S. Moderators, if I posted this in the wrong forum, please feel free to move it!