Other Paid Job: Creating custom alerts via PHP

I need someone to create a PHP script which adds custom alerts to the XF database. I would like to use the script like this:


The reason I need this is because I have coded many custom scripts and require to alert users when specific things happen. This has to be standalone and not via XF.

Example: I have created a bank script and would like to alert a user that funds have been transferred into his account, so I would just add this beloe the transaction code:

$touser = "TheUser";
$title = "New Transaction";
$message = "You have received 100 points from Admin";

Once the user comes to the forums, he would see that new alert.

Again, I do not want this as XF addon, but as standalone script. You don't need to get the username or anything - you just need to write me a function which enables me to add a custom alert.

If you are up to this, please send me a PM with your quote and delivery time :) I am a PHP dev myself, but I am totally new to XF so just inserting a message to the alerts table doesn't work - I tried that. I would do this myself but due to the lack of knowledge how XF processes everything I prefer to pay someone to do this quickly instead of looking at the code for hours to find out how this all works.



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Did you ever get this done? I need something like this too ;)

I have a cron php script that goes through subscriptions that end in x days, and sends them out an email. I'd also like a custom alert.