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I am looking to hire somebody for assistance with a brand new Xenforo site. I will past a list of things below that I will need.

  1. Clean install of Xenforo (with email server working properly, i've had issues here in the past)
  2. Installation of a Xenfor template that I purchased.
    • Installation of a wallpaper
    1. I'd also prefer to have the wallpaper fades out around the edges if possible so there are no visual tears when the wallpaper ends. If you cannot do this i can reach out to a photoshop person for this step.
  3. I need all colors on the template adjusted.
    1. I am trying to match the colors to an website (for an MMO that has been since shut down).
    2. I was able to find the website using the way back machine. Either you or I can take some screen shots of the site and run it through a color code checker so a quick and easy way to match up the colors.
    3. The only real color we need to match is the main tile background. We can use our judgement on headers.
  4. Installation and full configuration of addons.
    1. All social media login addons (twitter, facebook, google, steam)
    1. These should be configrued and working properly
    1. There is an addon that gives users a library of pictures to use as their avatar (the web admin adds w/e pics he/she chooses). I can locate the name of this if you are not familiar with it.
  5. Replace the default logo up top with another logo.
  6. Slight modification, but when you are in the forum and a user posts a message, on the left side where the user picture is with their name and rank etc, i'd prefer their name and info to be centered under their picture and not aligned left.
Pay is competitive, I prefer quicker turn around time. I also have a few more bigger projects coming up so I'd love to build a long lasting working relationship if possible.

Any inquiries should be sent directly to as that is the fastest way to reach me.

Thank you,

- Matt