Add-on [PAID] Install/configure addons - background installation/styling

Hi, I am looking to hire out some customization of my Xenforo site. I need an aggressive turnaround time - this needs to get done today! Rate is competitive, please include your fee & turnaround time when responding by email to, as well as any additional details you will need. Thank you!

1. Install all social media login add-ons (Twitter/Facebook/Google/Steam). I can provide logins for any accounts if needed but I need all four of these to be configured and functional, and I don't have the technical knowledge to do this.

2. I need a background image installed. I have two images that need to be uploaded to the file manager in the hosting cPanel; one is solid and the other is the same image with a transparent fade that's intended to be set over a similar background shade (the current color is #34465C which may work but I need to see it with the image over it). I may need you to switch between images so I can see before I settle on one.

3. When viewing a thread, the left side has the user who made the post, with an avatar and their name and details. By default the name, etc is left-aligned, and I would like it centered.

4. There is a bar between the breadcrumbs tool bar and the main forum body that just says "" I would like this changed to read "EverQest Online Adventures".

Again, the most important thing is that I need all of these details completed today. Best way to communicate is via email at Thanks!
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