Add-on [PAID] Forum Splitter / addon

Hello, im looking to get an addon made that basically splits a forum index across multiple pages, or treats a category as a link to another forum index branch.


I would prefer how that link did it, which it looks like they used a category that's acting like a link to another index, but either way will work. All im trying to do is separate my forums into paginated sections per my servers so that each server will have its own area, and its not all smashed together in one page.

shoot me a pm if you are interested in making some dough.


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It seems what you need is the option in XenForo at Node & Forum List -> Create Pages for Categories

Let us know in a PM if your requirements are somehow custom and we will try to help you.

Thank you!


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You can easily do this without an addon. For the categories in navbar, you can use the addon by Jake, Nodes As Tabs.

For changing the look of "subcategories", you have simply to go to Library>Xenforo>ViewPublic>Category>View.php.
You see this code:

     * Help render the HTML output.
     * @return mixed
    public function renderHtml()
        $this->_params['renderedNodes'] = XenForo_ViewPublic_Helper_Node::renderNodeTreeFromDisplayArray(
            $this, $this->_params['nodeList'], 2 // start at level 2, which means only 1 level of recursion
Simply change the 2 with "1", and it's all done!