Style [PAID] Forum Color Design

Hello All,

I am looking for somebody with a strong knack for design and coloring to help with a job that entails the recoloring of my forums. I’ve recently had a new wallpaper and logo installed, so my theme’s stock colors no longer matched. I did a quick job of changing the navigation bar colors to a light blue and transparent white, and the base of the forums to a dark blue to display the general color scheme I am going for, however that is all I've done. Please note these colors are an idea of what I like, I am flexible to changing them to different shades etc. The forum URL is .

I need somebody who can come in and recolor the entire site down to all of the little menus, text boxes, forum node icons, etc. I’d also prefer that the person who does that have the ability to take artistic liberties and make decisions on colors as they are certainly not my strong point.

This job offers competitive pay and requires a decent turnaround time. Today would be great, but if it takes an extra day or two that will be fine (I just want to avoid this turning into a weeklong job). Any inquires should be submitted directly to as that is the fastest way to reach me. Please include a quote and an estimate on turnaround time with your response!

Thank you!