Style [PAID] Floating Navbar, like Facebook


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One of the main reasons we're thinking of switching to xF is because of the built-in notifications system. It's important for us that the alerts area be visible at all times.

I tried this edit:

Unfortunately, it doesn't quite work on mobile. And it's also the wrong bar (sub-nav)

We're basically looking to design something very similar to the Facebook top bar, including a search in the middle. Ideally, we'd like to put it where the moderator bar currently is, because we won't be using that.

Then, whenever someone scrolls down (on desktop or mobile or tablet), it should always be on top. No transparency/fading or anything like that, just the same as Facebook's top bar. Alerts must work 100%, whether or not it is scrolled down. We poll ajax every 15 seconds for new alerts.

Please let me know if you think you can do this with some solid code (not weird loopholes), and I'll be glad to figure out a price. Ideally, I'd love to work with someone who wants to take projects in the future, since we are always requesting paid work for our site - and we prefer to get to know someone on a more friendly level :)