XF 1.5 Members who want to upload videos like Facebook


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How is it possible for members to just upload short video clips from their iphones/androids directly to the forum as easy as it is with Facebook?

Got a lot of members asking about it lately who mainly use our FB Groups and im wondering what would be the best way to accomplish this?


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XFMG 1.1 has the ability to upload videos, I haven't seen it in action tho. Other than that, it'd require custom development.


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You will be able to do it in the gallery with the next version, but not in forum posts.

MG 1.1 - Updated Media Tagging, Video Uploads and More

I suspect someone will release an add-on at some point though.
Unofficial addon in something like this nature will most likely have numerous issues, would LOVE to see an official option for this in forum posts. In all honesty, I can't think of (even big boards these days) where people go directly to the media gallery just to post images/videos as often as they do within the forum itself. The forum is where the action is at, would be cool if someone actually uploads videos or pictures that it will go into their own categorized folder in MG.

Maybe next year in Xenforo 2.0 to have it? :p

In all seriousness, forums need to keep up with the social media aspects otherwise will lose more members over time imo if their just a forum.


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There's no reason why a third party add-on would have "numerous issues".

It would be using the same core code.

Many, many third party add-ons function perfectly well, at least as good as the core code.


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I need to upload videos too.

I don't want to add them to the media gallery because I've actually disabled it. I found that my users continued to post pictures in the threads and it kept conversations going better.

Media gallery is awesome, just not a good match for my personal site as the users ignored it.

I'd like to upload videos directly to the threads and display them accordingly and even placing an ad in the video such as a pre-roll.

I can only imagine how many customers from other forum scripts would come over with built in video uploads/ad management that allowed us to stop using places like YouTube and worrying about their rules.

I used video ads years ago and they brought in LOTS of extra cash. I only used a preRoll image too - nothing invasive or unavoidable.

If anyone codes an addon to permit hosted videos in threads, I'd be all for it!