Add-on [Paid] Do Not Record IPs of Specific Usergroup(s)


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We need to somehow prevent certain usergroups IPs from being recorded to protect their alternate identities from staff. Currently, we have prevented mods from checking their IPs when clicking the IP button. However, if a moderator were to use the "check duplicate IPs" addon to check for ban evaders, they would be able to see the IPs of the hidden usergroups accounts associated with their alternate public accounts.

If this isn't clear, I'll be more specific. (This is the long version). The game publisher EA has allowed their staff members to post on our forums. Some of those staff members also have personal accounts on our forums. EA requires that we prevent the IPs of staff accounts from being associated with their personal accounts. To protect against ban evaders, we need our moderators to be able to use this plugin. However, using that plugin will allow moderators to identify EA staff members based on the IPs of staff members' personal accounts.

Possible Solutions

1. Prevent the IPs of certain usergroups (e.g., EA staff members) from being recorded by XenForo. This way, they will not show up when looking for accounts sharing the same IP.

2. Prevent the IPs of certain usergroups from showing up in the "find users sharing IPs" results.

3. ?

Don't care how this functionality is achieved, but if you can do it, we'll pay $50 USD.

Let me know if you're interested. Thanks!