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Add-on [Paid] Dating Add-on

Discussion in 'Resource and Add-on Requests' started by Dav, Jan 15, 2012.


Would you like to see a dating add-on available?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Possibly

  1. Dav

    Dav Active Member


    Would anyone like to take on a online Dating add-on that can be connected to the payment system some how.

    It would also need to be compatible with the 8 way run add-ons (portal,medio, events etc..) and also the directory add-on.

    I dont know if these would be possible but we would like features in the dating section such as:

    • instant chat
    • mini games
    and all the standard modern day features
    I just need an idea around some prices and possible features/ideas that you could include and an estimate on how long it would take.

    Feel free to PM me

    Many Thanks
  2. Dav

    Dav Active Member


    Please PM me to discuss possibilities and prices if anyone can develop a dating add-on for my community.
    We can discuss what features would be possible and which ones would be difficult to include

    Many Thanks :)
  3. Robbo

    Robbo Well-Known Member

    I would like to make this at some point but it wouldn't be cheap and I don't have time for a while.
  4. Deepmartini

    Deepmartini Well-Known Member

    The first thing to do is to make use of the custom profile fields, then set up a search by custom fields. I'm not a developer so this is beyond me but that's a good place to start.
  5. senior

    senior Member

  6. Dav

    Dav Active Member

    I would like the membership to still participate as much as possible on my community and all dating features to be integrated fully with xenforo's current features.
    Here are some possible features for the dating add-on. I have probably missed some and some may not be possible. I just want something basic at first and maybe build from there.

    These are just ideas of what could be included and not necessarily what im asking to be included :)

    • payment system for subscriptions, advertisements, paid member profile placement (hotlist)
    • points system for a virtual gift shop (payment system)
    • Profile search- distance,postcode/zip, city, country, county, username etc...
    • mini games - this prob not possible yet
    • photo upload- prob just use the avatar system
    • who viewed profile -feature
    • video chat, instant message, shoutbox
    • ability to make groups with invite system
    • photo albums, blogs??
    • invite/ referral system - members send invites for people to join
    • user preference page
    • member profile - guestbook (so members can leave a message. this will prob just use current profile page)
    • polls
    • bookmark noteworthy profile - prob use follow system
    • rate pics, blogs,vids
    • blocklist
    • make it easy to matchmake- based on profile questions
    • customisable registration page (admin)
    • mass mailing feature (admin)
    • analytics system (integrated with the current xenforo system)
    • new member notification (admin)
    • who is online list
    • stop spam system
    • advanced profile lists (online, featured, new members, birthdays, etc..) can be configured so member can only see preferred sex
    • easily managed exchange links page
    • assign members as mods
    • customisable membership management - sub fees, member types, plans, prices, trial periods etc..
    Other ideas are welcome and any estimates on price and timescale
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  7. Liam23

    Liam23 Active Member

  8. Robbo

    Robbo Well-Known Member

    Not for a long time.
  9. Liam23

    Liam23 Active Member

    Ah okay.
  10. ragtek

    ragtek Guest


    Never noticed this thread

    I know it's a very old thread, but are you still searching for this?
    i'm having probably 2/3 of your requested features as custom addons + 1/3 is IMO already available from other 3rd party devs (or it's already included in core).
  11. Liam23

    Liam23 Active Member

    You making an new SBC addons soon? :p

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