Add-on [Paid] Custom Introduction Questions


I am looking for someone to create a custom Xenforo addon/template modification to modify the "New Thread" form for our Introductions forum only.

We have migrated to Xenforo and are currently looking to reproduce what we had on vBulletin. On vBulletin, when a user has 0 posts, we set the permissions so that they can only create a thread in the Introductions forum.

When someone with zero posts create a new introduction thread, they are presented with a modified
"New Thread" textarea as seen in the image below. The fields must have a "must not be blank" Javascript/validation on them.

If someone has more than 1 post (because they have already created their own introduction), then they just get the normal "Reply Post" text area.

I am looking to duplicate this functionality in Xenforo, ideally as an addon or template modification that doesnt force me to change any core files.

We can set the permissions in Xenforo for people with 0 posts to be forced to do an introduction, I just need the textarea addon/template modification created.

The pseudo logic of this would be:
If (This is the Introduction Forum AND The User has 0 Posts AND Its the Create New Thread Template) {
Show modified Introduction questions
} Else {
Just show normal unmodified new thread template

This is the way it used to look in our vBulletin Forum:

Once they have submitted this new thread, it would come out like this :

Please PM me to discuss.

Liam W

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Hi, I started a conversation with you about this a while back, but didn't get any response... Is this now done?