Add-on [PAID] Custom Fields on XF Media Gallery Upload Page


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I'd like for users to be able to select a custom field when they upload new media to the XenForo Media Gallery. It would appear right below the [Title] and [Description] fields of each media item as a drop down menu, or you'd have the option to set the field to be the same for all the items that you're uploading.

From the main gallery page, I'd then like to be able to filter by this same custom field. (It would look and function in a similar way to the built-in "tag" system, though the selection of "tags" in this proposed system would be limited by the custom field options defined by the administrator).

I'm prepared to pay to fund the add-on's development, and you may keep the rights to publish or sell the add-on for others in the community as you wish. I have seen similar feature requests by other users in the past (including this one, by @Billyhoyle), so I do believe there would be some demand for it.

If you'd like to take this on, please start a conversation with me which includes a cost quote. Thanks!


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From what I can gather this is then used as a filter for images then?
If so, would yourself and @MtoR consider releasing this as a paid add-on for other members to purchase?
If not, I am looking for something similar - extra custom filters by which people can upload images using filters and then the images can be filtered based on those fields. :)