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[Paid addon] XenCentral Trading System - feedback addon for XenForo



We are glad to inform you that we've released the first, stable version of XenCentral Trading System add-on, version 1.0.0

XC Trading System is a fully featured feedback add-on for XenForo powered forums allowing your users to give and receive feedback for their deals, services using very flexible interface. You, as administrator, have full control over overall behavior of the product and its exact features.

Here are some of the most important features of software:
  • Product On/Off switcher
  • Ability to choose trading system URL identifier
  • Separate usergroup permissions for each action (view pages, give, receive , administrate feedbacks)
  • Sidebar with statistics information of current user and overall statistics
  • Ability to choose blocks to be disaply on sidebar in administration page
  • Prevent users to submit feedback for the same user in a time interval (defined in administration page)
  • Show ratings of users in member list and posts
  • Rate any user using AJAX pop-up directly from member list and thread pages
  • Deal thread AJAX suggestion
  • Trading statistics tab in member's profile
  • Latest feedbacks on home page via AJAX
  • Current Activity on home page via AJAX
  • Option to enable/disable navigation tab
  • Trading pages history in navigation tab drop-down
  • Show users location in Current Visitors page
Here are some screenshots for your review:

Administration.png Trading-Dashboard.png Add-Feedback.png Add-Feedback-From-Thread.png Submit-Back-Feedback.png Users-Trading-Profile.png Trading-History.png Feedback-Info-In-Postbit.png Report-Feedback.png

For more screenshots please see XenCentral Trading System 1.0.0

We are going to develop the product further on to make it a fully featured trading system that will allow your users to trade on your forums and use mutually integrated trading and feedback systems. All active license owners will get these updates for free. For more news please subscribe to our newsletters.

For the next version planned features please visit product overview page.

XC Trading System is a commercial product allowing buyers to run one license on one domain. For multiple domains inquiries please contact us for bulk discounts.​

Product price: 65 USD
Price includes a regular license for one domain usage and 1 year of free support and updates. Further yearly renewal price: 35 USD

As XenForo community is highly interested in this product (we already received many sales tickets from XenForo community members interested to obtain XCTS license), we have decided to start a promotion for XenForo community members and visitors who would want to buy and use our software.​

Starting from today all XenForo community members can obtain XenCentral Trading System add-on for discounted price: 35 USD Promotion will end on October. Yes, we have extended it!

To claim your discount, please visit product order page and use promo code XFPROMO

Direct link to claim your promotion: Buy XenCentral Trading System

If you have any question, suggestion, feedback, idea or issue please visit our Support Desk and submit a ticket, so we can respond you personally. This is the main official support channel. You can also share your experience and submit your issues on our Support Forums.​

Of course, we will monitor this thread too.​

We thank you for your interest and we hope you will enjoy our product!​

Best regards,​


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Yes Great Addon
did you use Language Phrases ? it will help in translating to my native lang.

I am sure will buy it in the next 2 weeks , I have a client want this ....



The software is currently a feedback system only, so users can post feedbacks to each other for any services or sales on your forums. Sales process itself is not included in product functionality. However, as has been mentioned, we are going to develop the product further on to implement trading features too. For now, this is a feedback system :)


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I'm sorry but it has annoyed me too much. "Feedbacks" is not the plural for "Feedback". So it should say stuff like "Latest Feedback" not "Latest Feedbacks". "All Feedback Received" and not "All Feedbacks Received".



Thanks. Yes, feedback is not a countable noun and it should not have plural form. However, we are in the web and we have unique situations where the applications require more flexible handling of some words. I am sure, feedback is such word and in some cases usage of feedbacks form is acceptable. Thanks for review :)


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Thanks. Yes, feedback is not a countable noun and it should not have plural form. However, we are in the web and we have unique situations where the applications require more flexible handling of some words. I am sure, feedback is such word and in some cases usage of feedbacks form is acceptable. Thanks for review :)

There is no such word as feedbacks, only feedback.



Thanks for mentioning it again. I already said about it and said that feedback word does not have plural form. I am sure, and if you search you will find some other sources as well, that for some circumstances, especially in specific language usage sphere, usage of feedbacks is acceptable. That's our opinion. You may have a different one. There is no foro word in English, but why not use it in forum software name. Thanks again for mentioning it, but I am sure we should not go deeper into linguistic analyses. Thanks :)


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To be fair, Foro is spanish and is a word in the Spanish language. Feedback is like the word Sheep in English, there is no plural version.

Saying its acceptable is missing the point somewhat! To any English reader & speaker, Feedbacks stands out like a sore thumb - I wouldn't want it on my forum, that's for sure, users would then suggest that it was a spelling mistake - which of course it is.

Instead of telling us native English speakers that its acceptable, perhaps you should alter the phrases so that it is correct English. I appreciate this may involve a bit of work if it affects layouts of pages, but to be honest, its the right thing to do. I don't expect apps that I use to use pigeon English for Translations and then be told its 'acceptable' to the Author so it should be acceptable to me..



We did not compare and do not have such plans. We have our roadmap and development plans and we follow it, also based on feature requests received from our customers. You can review the features of XC Trading System 1.0.0 and upcomign release here. Thanks!