Paid add-ons -- How much support?

Adam Howard

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How much support do you believe a paid add-on or style should be include?

What is to much and what is to little support in your opinion?
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Well they should be able to flush all the bugs and problems complained about their add-on's atleast . I have had horrible experience last year so this year i think i will keep limited addon this year after this upgrade . I am using 5-8 addons only and so far any issues i have faced those devs have helped me without any hesitation . If i am paying for something i expect them to atleast try to fix the issue i am facing .


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Eventually bug-free unless stated that the add-on is being sold as is without future development.

I expect bug free updates for anything I pay less than $50 for

I expect continued updates and ongoing awesomeness for anything that I pay over $50 for... OR anything that I'm paying for on a periodic basis (annual renewals etc)


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The only problem I have faced with support of a bought add on is that I was told it was fully responsive. The add on was not fully responsive. I was told that it was not a high priority issue although for me it is. I was not given a time frame for it to be fixed and was also told that there was nothing for me to do as it is bought as is.

I might be wrong but to me this is a case of false advertising. I don’t think the developer of the add on did this on purpose. I don’t want a refund; just want it to be responsive.

I would not recommend or use other add ons from this developer because of the way he responded but I actually think he did a good job with the add on except for the problem mentioned above.


For paid add-ons I expect bugfixes for anything major and necessary updates for new Xenforo versions within a couple weeks of release.

Mike Edge

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I been burned by too many add-ons or styles between developer disappearing or claiming it didn't make enough for updating, promising updates for months etc to care anymore. I learned to expect everything "as is" now regardless of what's promised by the author.


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I require myself to be able to (at least start to) fix bugs, develop new features and maintain my own code in general within 72 hours under normal conditions.

I cannot achieve this myself at this stage so I release all my addons as FOSS (and simply because I love sharing and don't care much about what I get back)


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Depends on the amount of money. If its free? You've really got nothing to complain about. If I'm paying $5? Meh, so long as it works. If I'm paying $40? You damn well better believe there should be support. And a LOT of it.