Add-on [PAID] Add-on to define another set of breadcrumbs for a given node


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I need a simple add-on developed that will allow a second set of custom breadcrumbs to be injected above the original XF ones for a given node.

Requirement 1:
an Options page to configure the custom breadcrumbs across all nodes that use this feature. prefix and suffix as well as links they should point to (see example below: A1, B1)

Requirement 2:
node settings page in Admin CP modified to allow a custom URL to be defined which will point to X below.

The custom breadcrumb will appear when a custom URL is inputted on the node settings page. If no custom URL is inputted for the node settings then just the normal XF breadcrumbs should appear.

End result example:
H > A1 > B1 > X > Current node
H > (default XF breadcrumb)

H being the home page defined in XF options

Additional requirements and notes:
  • Needs to be compatible with UI.X framework
  • Styled as the same as UI.X
  • Maintain existing HTML5 micro data for existing XF breadcrumb (would like to maintain this as primary for Google)
If you're interested please forward me your quote and ETA for completion. Let me know if any other details are needed, thanks!