Fixed Pagination on Conversationspage


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When i visit a invalid page in a forum, i'm being redirected to a valid page, that's not happening on the conversations

this is really confusing, specially if you start to delete the pages from the last page...
you're always being redirected to the same page, but this page won't include any conversions, it shows always only
there are no conversations to display. Start a new conversation now

and this will result in a very confusing situation, if you have only 2 pages and delete everything from page 2

Doesn't the following screenshot looks like "all my conversations are gone" because there's no pagination anymore.......

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Steps to reproduce:

You need at least 2 pages with conversations.
Leave all the conversations from page 2.

Instead of being redirected to page 1 after the action, it shows

which indicates that i have no conversations (only the small footer shows that i'm "viewing 21 to 20 of 20" o_O )