How do I set the number of navigation pages to show at the bottom of forums and threads? I changed the text to the right and it's longer but it's messing up the page navigation. (see image)

I think that if I have 4 or 5 page links instead of 7 it will fit horizontally.

I tried looking in the settings but couldn't find anything...




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since someone has brought this there a clean and easy way to turn off the hover? Drives me crazy as I'm just used to looking there instead of the total count over to the right...I'd just as soon they stay seeable....

Jake Bunce

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The page links have hover colors. But I don't see any hover that "makes them appear."

There are some page nav properties here:

Admin CP -> Appearance -> Style Properties -> Discussion List


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Sorry Jake, I guess I don't explain things too well that late.

And looking at it this morning, I feel kind of "duh" cause I should have thought about visibility thing. Guess that's why I'm a tweaker wannabe instead of a real coder! LOL

Thanks Brogan! It works like a charm...