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Hello folks, just a quick question I have before im planing on purchasing a xenforo plan. It says that monthly page views is included. Does this mean unique page views aka real page views or is it somehow bot page views or how does it work? Because starting at 400k views is pretty good and also a lot.
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From the FAQ in

  • What page views count against allowances?​

    We only count page views that involve connecting to the database and rendering a complete page of HTML. Cached pages and simple file transfers are not counted.

  • What happens if my site exceeds its allowances?​

    If your site exceeds is allowed quota of page views or storage in any month, we will notify you of the excess. If the excess persists after a second month, we will automatically upgrade you to the next plan that accomodates your usage.

That can include real users and bots.
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