Page view widget position


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Has this already been suggested? Not that I can find, :p

The add-on I am currently working on needs to add a widget to the page_view template. As the page_view template does not have a widget position my add-on adds one in (with context-page = $page). The add-on should not need to do this as there are various widget positions for pages with a sidenav (ie: help page, member wrapper, find threads, etc). However, the sidenav for a Page has been overlooked. I know I can add the widget to Public: Sidebar, but by doing so a Page may have a sidenav and a sidebar, making the content area a lot narrower than it needs be. Also, the widget position Public: Sidebar fires on numerous pages so it's not very efficient to use when you are looking to display the widget only on a Page node.

Let's see if I can break the rejected suggestion record, it's going to be toughy, but I'm up for the task, 😷.
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