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Page To Tab c/w Breadcrumb Mod - Discussion

Anthony Parsons

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I have already put this out to a developer to see if it can be done, but more importantly I would love to hear any feedback from others who may be interested in this.


Use the existing page system, via a mod, to isolate out a master page that can be assigned to tab (tab created as well), which you can build a child and sibling system of pages, all which keep that tab highlighted and use a correct breadcrumb using your tab, ie. Home > Tab Name > Child > Child


> Master Page ID assigned to tab
>> Child keeps tab highlighted and creates breadcrumb > Home > Tab Name
>>> Child of a child, breadcrumb would be > Home > Tab Name > Child
>> etc
>>> etc
> This would fall under the normal forum page system, as its a sibling to the master page.

Any sibling of that master is controlled normally by the XF forum method, not by this mod.

It is a basic method to build a custom content system, without having to shift away from default XF features or softwares. Yes, you could literally use this to build a custom home page article system if you wanted.

It will have the options to place the tab according to XF nav hooks, and also what usergroups see it or not. Pages already have permissions that are assigned uniquely per page / sibling group, so this doesn't interfere with any of that.

This would only be available for 1.1 stable onwards, if it can be done...

This is all based on whether it can done or not... hoping it can and will hear from developer in time.

Member Feedback

I am posting this to others who may have relevant ideas that could be incorporated into this for useful functions to XF members, seen as though I am paying for it anyway... I am open to good features being available.

My aim is to help expand XF without having to step into third party softwares and without having to jump into massive custom content solutions.

My main issues with the page system is that whilst options exist here to assign a page to a tab, and keep that tab highlighted, there isn't anything that keep the breadcrumb correctly nor child pages under that tab and breadcrumb, without reverting to the XF forum structure.


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I would be interested in this mod as well. Looking for a good solution to build out the navigation and have a custom home page.

Anthony Parsons

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Yep, this would do just that for those that want to build a custom home article repository, without getting away from default XF features.

You would just call this tab "Home" and leave the home field empty in the options present already to not show the default XF one. Place this one at the starting hook... well la... turn off the primary page node that is assigned to the tab from showing in the forum structure, and you have a hierarchy cms structure via XF pages.

I am hoping the developer I have pitched it to for building can do it... I believe in them.