XF 1.5 Page node question

Mark T

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Likely in the wrong forum, move if ya need to.

Q,... I have a page node. Use it as my landing home page. And I want to put a listing on it similar to a widget showing all the latest topics. Like to most recent 30 or something. But not as a sidebar. I need it in the body. Maybe as a double column.

I have looked at what I have under the hood, and unless I missed it, I cant do it the way it stands.

I cant use widget framework although I do use Andys sidebar addon. But that still doesnt help me.

If this can be done can somebody tell me how. Or if there us an addon I cant find, could somebody post it here?

Thank you all.
It would require an add-on, custom development, or a callback to pull recent threads to a page node.

I believe WF is what most people use.
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