XF 1.2 Page Loading Malformed

Mike Fara

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We are seeing some weird instances where elements on the page just aren't showing up, and instead, we see the absence of images and formatting.

It does not happen all the time, but rather frequently. What could cause this?

As a precaution, all cache options have been disabled.

Refreshing the page seems to solve it, until another page is navigated to.

Mike Fara

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Also running 4.2.3. I am not sure what patch is there?

I saw this suggestion: http://xenforo.com/community/threads/litespeed-sends-text-html-with-css-304-responses.54185/

It looks like CssOutput.php is already patched in 1.2 with Mike's change and I am running the latest LiteSpeed. Yet the problem is still happening. Weird.

I should note Litespeed cache and private cache are off. No strange settings there that would cause harm. I could turn it on and see if that may even fix it. Its quite odd.
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Mike Fara

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It's not that issue - something is modifying the CSS output and either cutting it off or making it so that it can't be fully decoded. I suspect it's something on the webserver (or a reverse proxy/caching server).

It can probably be worked around by disabling gzip in XF (http://xenforo.com/help/config-php-options/), though that assumes that the webserver will do it itself.
Disabled GZIP. Not sure its still happening. Thank you.