Page Background Image

I am having some problems customising the default Xenforo style.

Instead of a block colour, I want to have a custom background image.

I have edited Style Properties -> General -> HTML -> Background and this works well for registered users. But for moderators there is a 25px gap between the background image and the moderation bar (see attached with #ff00ff colour to emphasise the issue).

I should add that instead of a solid header colour I have made this transparent so I need the background image to start at the very top of the page.

Any thoughts?


Love your work. Setting the position to -25px fixed it.


As my forum is aligned in the middle of the page, I don't seem to be able to centre the background as I was using that field to centre to content.

I tried adding background-position:center; to the Miscellaneous parameters box, but this broke the positioning code above.