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Ozzy47 submitted a new resource:

[OzzModz Wiki Threads - Mark threads as Wiki type

XF 2.2.0

This add-on allows users to mark a thread as a "WikiPost" giving the ability to edit the original post in a thread to any user with the required permissions.


  • Mark threads as "WikiPost"
  • Set group permissions for WikiPosts
  • Allow any user (with required permissions) to edit thread
  • Admins or thread authors able to mark threads as "WikiPost"
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hmm interesting but a couple things i wonder can incorporate...

it would be more ideal in some cases to give users an option to select which individual users/friends can edit, not only the first post, but entire thread...and rather than allowing by user group....

i believe there is some sort of joint author addon here somewhere, but if it can be easy like this would be a big plus. something about the other one put me off at the time, i dont recall offhand what it was...something simple in the post options like the checkbox you have now, but a field to enter usernames is too complicated?

What i would like to have, if it is not build in:

1) Nobody needs to know that this thread is a wiki thread, if not allowed to change it.
2) How we can set a thread that way, that
  • the new version must be moderated and/or
  • there is a note to {who}, that the first post is changed
Found a bug. The Wiki thread page at
does not obey permissions and is showing everyone a thread in our private admin forum.
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