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I am using this addon and for some reason it seems to reset at random and all topics show nobody has read even though there are numerous replies.
Something is resetting it every few months and I lose all the data, it's driving me nuts. Obviously its when I am using the rebuilding tools or something but I would like to know what triggers it so I don't do it again.
I forgot to mention, when the counter resets to zero it won't show anyone that has viewed the topic again until there is a post. 20 people can read the topic and until someone posts again there is no update to the addon.
@Ozzy47 is there a way to make this so the so it shows who has viewed the tread permanently without it resetting?

Because once it resets it really does not function anymore until somebody posts. So regardless of who views it after reset it will not count again until someone posts.
It seems to reset every 30 to 60 days and it will not show who viewed the thread anymore.

So the thread has 60 member views and it lists the members, works as needed. A few months later I check and it says no visitors and even though I just visited it it also does not show me. Then I make a post and it says my name and it logs every visitor thereafter for a month or so and then it starts over.

Here is an example of a topic that had lots of recent visits, now says none.

Does it have anything to do with this setting?

Screenshot - 2022-10-26T183602.595.png

Read marking data lifetime, I just changed it from 30 to 90 days hoping it may be the culprit but even 90 days are not enough.
Sorry, the other link was restricted, try this one
Here you can see, lots of views but nobody listed and even if I go there logged in now it will not show me until I post there again and then it starts to function again.

So how do I set it so that it always shows who has read the topic. It was set to 30 days but now when it hits 90 it will reset again.
Can I set zero in there for unlimited?
Just found out that the read time is the same for every reader:


Is that normal or is there some issues on my end?
Quite strange that now I see some of it are changed:


Anyway, "Ieri alle 19:29" is the time when the thread was posted, if it can be of any help.

Let me know if you need anything from the server log!
When a user visits a thread, it's expected that the addon display that visit as the new read date / last read date, but for some reason it's not updating.

But, as mentioned earlier by another admin, if a user reply to the thread, then it updates the read date.
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