[OzzModz] Watch Forums After Registration

[OzzModz] Watch Forums After Registration 2.0.0

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Any chance on a way to set this for after registration? I'd like to subscribe my new board to certain forums. Basically, I installed your plugin, and I wish to use it on existing users. Is there a way? (I know not always what is best, but sometimes, this would be helpful. Or maybe there is another way?


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Thanks for this.

Suggestion: An ACP option to choose if it's emails, alerts or both would be handy.

It looks like the default uses this:

$watchRepo->setWatchState($forum, $entity, 'thread', 1, 0);

If I'm looking at this function below from ForumWatch.php that means the default use of 1,0 above means alerts only, but no email.

So if I wanted emails and alerts I'd change it to 1,1?

public function setWatchState(\XF\Entity\Forum $forum, \XF\Entity\User $user, $notifyType = null, $sendAlert = null, $sendEmail = null)