[OzzModz] User Post Count In ACP

[OzzModz] User Post Count In ACP 2.0.0

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Ozzy47 submitted a new resource:

[OzzModz] User Post Count In ACP - Show users post count in ACP

Simple addon that will show the users post count in the ACP in the user edit page. As a bonus, this also adds a link to email the user, it is a simple href mailto link

Requested in this thread, https://xenforo.com/community/threads/how-to-add-post-count-in-acp.211831/#post-1610602
Thanks to Kirby for the solutions.

User Edit Page:
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BTW, a cool addition would be that the post number is linked to the user's posts:

Like: /forum/search/member?user_id=12345678

Thanks :)
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