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[OzzModz] Text Logo - Text logo instead of a image

This is a simple addon, based off of @Brogan's template edit, https://xenforo.com/community/resources/text-logo.7421/ Thanks to @TickTackk for help with the regex.

With this addon, you will have a text based logo instead of a image bases one. By default, the addon will use your board title you have set in the XF options as the text. The addon also comes with a option to use your own custom text.

This is the addon option:
[ATTACH type="full"...

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Edit the extra.less template modification, that is where the CSS is. Or wait for the next version and I will move the CSS into a template for easier editing.
Thanks Ozzy, i've deleted my question, apparently just before you answer me, cause i found how to... I can customize as i wanted in Header & Menus property style, it's sufficient for the moment.
Unfortunately, in your add-on option the field doesn't accept font awesome code, it is possible to add this option ?
Also in smartphone the text seems to not appears

Capture d’écran 2020-09-27 231125.png

for the text logo i would like this : <i class="fal fa-code"></i> devmatik

Odd, the text shows on my IPhone. What if you remove the custom text from the option, does the board title show?
Doesn't seem to work.

For example, the US flag 🇺🇸

Copy-paste just inserts the emoticon text US, not the emoticon itself.
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Is this a custom style or default? What version of XF?
default on local server, 2.1.3
This morning, nothing appears even in desktop mode. Maybe i've done wrong thing but my extra.less is almost empty :
.p-staffBar {display: none;}
nothing else...
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In fact the text appears in white color even you change it in the Header & Menu settings, police size settings doesn't affect the size of the text too.
Well, if i desactivate your code in template modifications > extra.less it works. Apparently you set the color text with @xf-paletteNeutral1; but if you use a white color background in header........ 🤪

But why your addon works yet if i desactivate the template modification for your addon ?
Did you plan to add fontawesome option and html to customize the title ?
Sorry for all these messages and questions ozzy !
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