OzzModz / Snog’s Addon Development Services


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Howdy XF community,

Services We provide specifically for XenForo
Custom development for XenForo 2+ including
    • Porting add-on made for XenForo 1 to be compatible with XenForo 2+
    • Creating a brand new addon per your request.
    • Fixing old broken addons that other developers have abandoned.

Shoot us a conversation via this link and give a description of what it is you need. We will tell you if it is something we can do, a possible timeframe and the cost of the addon.


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Who are the developers? Yourself? Snog? Ticktackk? More information would be useful.

Max Taxable

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I just wanted to thank you for all the new addons you guys have been publishing recently.

Safe to say that OzzModz became like top5 addon provider in terms of variety and amount.
We really appreciate your excellent help and support you give our customers of the Advanced Forms add-on. Thank you so much!