[OzzModz] Remove Site Title From Forum List

[OzzModz] Remove Site Title From Forum List 2.0.1

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Thank you for the add-on
Can you add an option to remove completely these 2 buttons ?

Bye !!

add this in extra.less
Rich (BB code):
Remove Titel and NewThread Button only on Forumpage:
body[data-template='forum_list'] .p-title-pageAction, .p-body-header {display: none;}

Remove titles from all pages:
.p-title{display: none;}

Hth :D
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Very useful on the forum page, anyway to remove the page title from all pages ?


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I suppose XF needs some for of page title on every page, or the forum titles, etc wouldn't show either.

I'll leave it off the forum page, the mode makes it look a bit tider without the title there :)